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The Association has a Governing Council, Board of Trustees and several working committees at the NATIONAL, REGIONAL and STATE levels


The Annual General Meeting is where every member has equal opportunity and right to shape the Association’s future.


The Association has two categories of membership:

1. Individual membership

2. Corporate membership



ACHETS Incorporated is open to any individuals with background in Christian education, theology, or in any Christian academic /ministry majors, or group of Christians, which operate as a theological educational institution, without any form of discrimination to race, age, sex, creed, color, national origin, physical handicap or political beliefs.



Membership is open to all Christian Teachers, Theologians, Academics, Theological Researchers, Christian Educators, Bible and Theological Teachers, Librarians, Publishers, Counselors, Writers, Authors, Christian Artistes & Actors.


Membership is open to all Christian Higher Educational Institutions, i.e., Bible and Theological Universities, Professional Christian Training Schools, Seminaries, Christian Colleges /Universities, Bible Colleges, and Ministry Training Schools.

ACHETS Incorporated does not recognize or accredit any institutions that offer degrees solely for life experiences or for a fee requiring little or no accepted form of educational achievements. Our accreditation is based on a review of an institution's policies, standards, curriculum and faculty by individuals experienced in Christian/spiritual education and various field specialties. The evaluation process includes an examination of course materials being offered as well as the validity of faculty credentials.




What You Will Receive:

Membership ID Card & Certificate of Membership

Proudly display your affiliation with thousands of others who are committed to quality and excellence in Christian education. Show your Membership ID Card in official events.



Our award-winning, flagship team tackles the most pressing issues facing Christian educators.


Continuing Education

Through our conferences and training programmes, there are numerous opportunities available.


Members Only Discounts

Members receive discounts on resources, books and manuals.


Counsel Talk, Video-based Webinars​

Webinar participants receive valuable insight from professionals in their respective fields from the comfort of their homes or offices.



Use of the name and ACHETS logo on publications, including websites.


Connect & Network

ACHETS INCORPORATED works to support you by providing a wide array of opportunities to share knowledge, build relationships, and advance the profession.


Become a member today and start building connections that will boost your career and increase your profile in the field.


First Professional Chartered Course in Christian education

The Association provides training for the above. Those who completed and passed the required Chartered Professional Course will be chartered and certified.


If you have any questions, find answers on our FAQ section HERE

View certificate of registration HERE

View dues and fees HERE

View standards for accreditation HERE

Take a look at the list of member institutions HERE

Member institutions should please note that membership in ACHETS does not imply Accreditation by ACHETS. Corporate membership is a prerequisite for entering the ACHETS Accreditation process. To be eligible for accreditation, member institutions must maintain membership for at least one year. Member schools only may submit letters of intent if they are seeking accreditation with ACHETS. YOU CAN ALSO SEARCH BY THE NAME OF AN INSTITUTION ON OFFICIAL DIRECTORY TO VIEW ACHETS ACCREDITED INSTITUTIONS

For more information on school accreditation, you may click on the following link to read the post titled HOW TO TELL IF YOUR SCHOOL IS ACCREDITED AND WHY IT MATTERS | Find out if Your School is Accredited & Learn How to Spot a Fake | The following is a list of red flags that may signify a school is not accredited or is accredited by an accreditation mill.


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