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Types of Institutions :

Schools may be onsite, online or distance education based (or combination). Church based Bible Schools are also accepted. Schools must clearly display the philosophy and the goals and objectives of the education system.


Organization :

Schools must show a clearly defined and workable organizational structure that facilitates the complete execution and completion of the goals and philosophy proposed by the institute. The structure should define the position and function of the staff and faculty as well as the administrative management of the school. A comprehensive record system must be in place covering all areas.


Curriculum :

A curricular programme with written course descriptions and objectives that provides adequate information for the student's consideration. There shall be adequate instructional resources to implement the curricular programme. The curriculum should be of an approved nature consisting of higher education text books and/or time proven established materials or media, suitable and adequate for the completion of the objectives and goals, outlined for the course/s of instruction. Ample materials shall be supplied to insure the completion of training to meet the desired objectives of the course of studies.


Graduate Certification :

Schools shall grant certificates, diplomas or degrees for the completion of studies.


Instructors :

Instructors shall have education of a higher degree than the courses they instruct. Instructors shall be (in some fashion) certified or otherwise qualified for the instruction of the proposed course curriculum. Unlicensed or uncertified instructors shall be under the direct supervision of a qualified mentor or instructional administrator.


Instruction :

The curriculum shall be structured to provide a gradual and logical progression to reach the desired objectives outlined in the course description. Structured teaching plans will be set to allow continual assessment of the student's progress through the course of studies.


Physical Facility :

The school shall provide adequate proof of classrooms and/or administrative office{s} and the physical location of these facilities.


Permission :

The school will operate as a member and can proudly display its certificate of membership with ACHETS or use the name and ACHETS logo on its website, printed materials, or advertisements with the following caption "A Member of Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools"


Independence and Co-operation :

Each member shall be autonomous in its internal affairs, but may receive advice from the Association in case of dissension and sharp disagreement within its fold. Notwithstanding the autonomy, each member shall always be ready to co-operate with the other member, in order to ensure the smooth running of the Association. Accreditation : MEMBER INSTITUTIONS MUST MAINTAIN MEMBERSHIP FOR ONE OR TWO YEARS BEFORE SEEKING ACCREDITATION.


ACHETS Incorporated does not recognize or accredit any institutions that offer degrees solely for life experiences or for a fee requiring little or no accepted form of educational achievements. Our accreditation is based on a review of an institution's policies, standards, curriculum and faculty by individuals experienced in Christian/spiritual education and various field specialties. The evaluation process includes an examination of course materials being offered as well as the validity of faculty credentials.


Member school only may apply as a "Candidate for Accreditation" by submitting a letter of intent for accreditation on the letterhead of the institution and a copy of the certificate of incorporation by relevant authorities or any other document that proves that the tertiary institution is owned or controlled by Ministries or Denominations recognized by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria/host country.


ACHETS Incorporated will conduct external review visit before granting of accreditation.


ACHETS Incorporated has the sole right to refuse or grant accreditation.


The "Accreditation" process typically takes one to two years to complete.


Annual Report is required for all ACHETS-accredited institutions.


Partial Accreditation – renewable annually

Full Accreditation – valid for life


Member institutions must agree to meet the standards and guidelines of the Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools - ACHETS Incorporated.

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