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Become a Charterd Christian Educator

First Professional Chartered Course in Christian education

Encouraging, Equipping, and Empowering Christian Teachers, Theologians, Academics, Theological Researchers, Christian Educators, Bible and Theological Teachers, Librarians, Publishers, Counselors, Writers, Authors, Christian Artistes & Actors.

Why Become A Chartered Christian Educator?

* Learn New Skills, Pursue Your Interests or Advance Your Career with Our Short Online Courses.
* Earn Professional or Academic Accreditation - Receive a Chartered Christian Educator Status CCE. The Professional Certification provides an evidence of proficiency and authority in Christian education.
* Christian Educators Network and Support Services
* Get Recognized as A
Christian Educator
* The Chartered Christian
Educator Programme has a critical role to play in supporting EDUCATOR recruitment and retention


Educators interested in participating in the programme must first become a member of Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools and meet the following criteria:

• Hold a minimum of Bachelor's degree in relevant subject.
• Have a minimum of three years appropriate working experience
• Provide evidence of meeting the required competence standards

In addition, in order to ensure that you are able to get the most out of the programme, you will need to have support from your superior or relevant member of a Christian educational organization to recommend you before beginning your programme.

“If you really want to develop your capacity to be the best EDUCATOR that you can be, then the CCE programme is an absolute must.”

View dues and fees HERE


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