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Prof. Emmanuel Kolawole

Founder/CEO and Chairman, ACHETS

Born the 5th day of January in the year 1974 in Owo, Ondo State. He was raised in Ibadan, Ibadan South-West Local Government Area in Oyo State, Nigeria.

''He gave his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 13, did water baptism by immersion at 14, called to full-time ministry at 19, ordained as a Reverend at 25''.

At thirteen years of age as a school boy in 1987, he gave his life to the Lord at a crusade meeting organized by his home church (Christ Apostolic Church) C.A.C Agbala-Itura, Ibadan. ''That day, he felt God knocking at his heart's door. All his sins came to mind, and he confessed everything. Then he felt that his sins had been forgiven. Warm joy flooded his soul. Then he stepped forward for the altar call to receive the Lord. He received such a wonderful peace in his heart, and such an amazing change in his life that he never imagined possible. That peace, which is still in his heart today, is what has kept him in the Gospel, in many falls and failures, trials and storms, and in the temptations of the devil, the Lord has always been faithful to him and has kept him in His embrace''.

''He believes he was able to convert through faith which is in Christ Jesus, by the gracious work of the Holy Spirit in his heart, and the commitment of his single parent, whose heart was devoted to personalize and practice the command of the Lord, and found it easy to teach him those instructions, and his grand-mother (in her blessed memory) who knelt in prayer for him (AND THESE WORDS WHICH I COMMAND YOU TODAY SHALL BE IN YOUR HEART. YOU SHALL TEACH THEM DILIGENTLY TO YOUR CHILDREN, AND SHALL TALK OF THEM WHEN YOU SIT IN YOUR HOUSE, WHEN YOU WALK BY THE WAY, WHEN YOU LIE DOWN, AND WHEN YOU RISE UP - DEUTERONOMY 6:6-7)''.

''When he gave his life to the Lord, he made consecrations to Him. He was determined to put his whole heart into the Gospel, and the Lord filled his heart with His Holy Spirit. He knew God's calling was upon his life. He always has the witness in his heart''.

In 1993, the Lord began talking to his heart. ''He was under heavy conviction''. He received a divine commission to the preaching of God's word from the pulpit. There was no hesitation in his heart. He gave up his ambition to pursue Mass-Communications and took a Bible college course to study theology at Christ International Divinity College CINDICO, Erinmo-Jesha campus. He graduated in 1997 and was involved in many Gospel works, and served as a Student Christian Movement of Nigeria SCM Evangelism Coordinator for Oyo and Osun States tertiary institutions 1995/1996 academic session CINDICO chapter.

He was ordained into full-time church pastorate in 1999, by Prophet Benjamin Akande JP, and served under his leadership as deputy GO of United Body of Christ Church UNIBOC and college provost at Vineyard International Bible College VIBICO, Ibadan.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Religious Education, and was also trained at the National Teachers' Institute NTI, Lagos, in 2003. He has a Master's degree in Religious Education, and a PhD in Christian Education Leadership, and holds an academic title of Professor of Christian Ministry from WSBC Theological Seminary, South Asia, in 2019, he had served as a lecturer and college chaplain at the Victory International Institute of Theology & Education, FCT Abuja, and formerly District Superintendent at the Church of Salvation, Lagos, Nigeria.

He is the Founder and Chancellor of Biblical University, which he started for His glory and commenced class on Saturday 5th January 2008 in small church building located at Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State with 5 students face-to-face, but now has its vast ministry purposefully fitted out to satisfy the varying requirements of providing excellent theological education, and has grown to include ministry training centers and BU extensions in many locations in Africa and the world.

He is the Founder/CEO and Chairman of Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools. Formerly, Accreditation Commission for Education in Theology, which was established in August 2018, ten years after the founding of the University, to ensure quality and excellence in theological education

He is the Founder and Chancellor of ACHETS Missionary University, which was established in April 2021, three years after the founding of the Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools, to equip the people of God for Christ's mission, in partnership with Biblical University.

He is the Founder and President of ACHETS Ministries, which was established in April 2021, an arm of ACHETS Incorporated, a non-profit Christian ministry with a mission to promote the glory of God, by reaching out to people with His love and truth, equipping, and helping them to maintain and deepen their faith and discipleship.

He is the author of several books, including The Gift of God, Management Principles in Ministry, Discipline in The Church, Your Guide to Pastoral Ethics, and You Are gods!

He is happily married to his queen and amazingly incredible wife, Dr. Mrs. Dorcas Kolawole, also an amiable woman of God, Christian counselor, Christian apologist, and First VC of Biblical University and they are blessed with excellent children.

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